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******I love Navikate! What a wonderful story to get students to stretch their reading skill to new science vocabulary or introduce children to the beach! I love the rhyme and pictures and especially the personality of the characters! I will get this for my granddaughter and read it over and over again. Such talented sisters. I personally know how big their hearts are and how much they care about children! Can’t wait for more adventures.
I am a retired teacher and educational consultant. The lesson plan ideas are spot on and any teacher will appreciate the ideas that are included!
Write on, Sisters!-  D. Redwine

***** Eisley James loves Navikate! We read it twice today!                              -R. DeRousse

*****I received my granddaughter’s copy in the mail yesterday! Thank you, Dianne and Stacy! I can’t wait to get the book over to Eisley James, so that she has it in her library. It is a WONDERFUL book, and we’ll be looking forward to the next one!!! Thanks again!!!!!-L. DeRousse

If any of you have a child or a grandchild, I highly encourage you to order this book – “Navikate and the Sound of the Sea”. It is written by The Sisters Spurlock, Dianne Spurlock Winstead and Stacy Spurlock Robbins, whom I went to college with. The book makes a great addition to the collection/library of any child. I received mine yesterday, and cannot wait to introduce this to our granddaughter. Please check out their FB page!

*****This book was so awesome I can not wait to get the next one and so on. I encourage you all to read this book. These two ladies are very special to me and God is going to do amazing things for you both. Congratulations on your first book. I absolutely loved it.                     –H.Schwab

***** Love it!– D. Barnett

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  If you like what you are reading from buyers like yourself, then try us out! You may find you and your child’s new favorite authors are right here!

Welcome to The Sisters Spurlock Wonderful World of Books!


My sister Stacy Spurlock Robbins and I grew up in Nashville, Tennessee. We were born to educator parents who believed education was paramount in being successful in life. Not surprisingly, both of us are elementary school teachers. Stacy has just retired as a Reading Recovery Specialist in Frankfort, Ky.  I am still teaching in Metro Nashville Public Schools as a second grade teacher.

Both of us are award winning educators who over the 45 combined years we have been teaching realized that children, parents, grandparents and educators needed more enjoyable stories and a reading support guide for the adults to help the children as they read.

Our first book, Navikate and the Sound of the Sea, which is part of our “Grow with Me series” is an amazingly creative story with many teachable skills in it. This story is not only easy to read but keeps the child’s attention like none other of its kind due to the real vocabulary used in rhyme and the characters’ appealing personalities.

This book is unique to other quality literary works because it has a Parent-Teacher Reading Support Plan in the back to guide anyone who truly wants to help their child read with understanding. Each of our future books will have this Parent-Teacher Reading Support Plan included in it!

The cost of  each book is $17.00 includes shipping and handling.

INTERESTED IN PURCHASING THE BOOK?  Print out the order form on this website. Fill it out completely and mail it back to us with your check or money order.  We will do the rest!


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